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PPE and Me

We have all become far more familiar with the term PPE – Personal protective Equipment. We have learned through necessity that PPE is vital to the well- being and safety of those we serve and to the protect ourselves in the process of caring for others. We know that we can do our best to support others when we are safe and protected ourselves.

We have also learned that poorly executed PPE and incorrectly used PPE has the potential to create a bigger problem than it is trying to prevent despite the best intentions and a clear understanding of why it is so important.

What has this got to do with leadership? Well intentioned, poorly executed leadership has the same impact as poorly executed PPE. People can get hurt, sometimes the person that is hurt is the one that with clear understanding of the importance of the action, lacked the skill to execute properly. When we apply a solution that is well designed and fit for purpose in the wrong way, it too can have the opposite affect than was intended.

It is important that leaders in your team not only have the what and why but the how too. In a world where “why” has been leveraged to its fullest extent and we know the impact it has on engagement, focusing on the how will ensure that you achieve the intended outcome from well- meaning solutions. Have you got the balance of why and how right?

What is the PPE of a leader and how do we know that they are using it as it is intended even if they understand why it is important?

Effective communication, bounce, curiosity, authenticity and trust are a good place to start and run through a filter of good intentions and kindness you will have a better chance of maintaining safety for your leaders and their employees and fostering an environment for growth and success.

In many of the PPE failures it has been reported that the user knew what to do, why they do it and the missing ingredient was how and effective follow up.

Did this strike a point with you? Get in contact with TBC to see how we can help your people progress.

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