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Can you cultivate your Anablep capabilities?

What is an anablep?

A four eyed fish with eyes raised above the top of the head and divided in two different parts, so that they can see below and above the water surface at the same time.

Great leaders do this well – they are able to see into the detail or below the surface and really get a sense for what is happening in the immediate vicinity and they are able to split their focus to have eyes on the horizon - you may say this is opportunity or threat scanning. Leaders who can cultivate this behaviour give the team certainty that they understand their day to day and are preparing the team for future success.

Think about your natural style - are you eyes in the water, in the detail or on the horizon? Both are critical to success and balancing these at the right time is an art form. Which ever is your dominance, identify one action you can take to develop a wider range of vision.

Rachal-Ann Jones -

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