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To Be Continued Values

Helping people progress
is our motivation at To Be Continued.

Values should be at the core of every business. They're what your business stands for, your philosophy, your reason for being.


Your business's values will help to steer your business, management and employees in the right direction.

We believe that everyone is on a development journey, and when they know better, they do better.


Empowering people with the skills to experience extraordinary relationships in the workplace with their stakeholders and customers allows them to make better choices, and will create great leaders. 


Being kind, honest and generous, helping people connect and grow just feels good.


Using these principles, we work with people and businesses to identify their learning needs and opportunities and deliver sustained growth, help teams connect and have fun with learning. 


We also value fun and energy and try not to take ourselves too seriously - with good intentions and insight we can achieve great things.   


"Success is reliant on action. Successful people keep moving.
They make mistakes, they learn, and they don’t quit trying, and they work out what matters. 

They are on a journey that is always to be continued… "
Rachal-Ann Halliwell

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